Lucia Holding is a group which is dedicated to the energy transition. The company sold its French onshore renewable energy production activities in 2017 to accelerate the growth of its subsidiaries Quadran International, Quadran Energies Marines and Lucia Innovation, and to support innovative companies and projects involved in the on-going environmental transition.

We are a group dedicated to the energy transition

Lucia Groupe

On-shore renewable energy

Quadran International

Off-shore renewable energy

Quadran Energies Marines

Energy transition & biodiversity

Lucia Innovation

The group key figures

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Developed, financed and commissioned renewable projects

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2019 Projected Annual Revenues

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Mid-2019 Equity



30 years of dedication to renewables

  • 1988

    Jean-Marc Bouchet’s first hydroelectric farm is commissioned

  • 1998 – 2005

    Set up of Energie du Midi (1998) and of JMB Energie (2005)

  • 2011

    Set up of Lucia Holding

  • 2013

    Acquisition of Aerowatt and set up of Quadran Group

  • 2016

    Set up of Quadran Energies Marines

  • 2017

    Set up of Quadran International
    Set up of Lucia Innovation
    Sale of the French onshore assets to Direct Energie

Message from the founder

Jean-Marc Bouchet


We live in a tremendous period that is full of promises and challenges to make our growth sustainable, our progress long-lasting and to ensure that we do not develop to the detriment of future generations. The group has fully assessed these ecological issues and is fully committed to actively participate in the ongoing environmental transition and accelerate the energy revolution that I deeply encourage.